Image 5 places to visit during your holidays in Las Vegas

5 places to visit during your holidays in Las Vegas

If are looking for the most exciting cities, think of Las Vegas. It is the biggest and most populated cities in Nevada State of the USA. The city is firstly known as the most famous destination for gambling, but it also covers a large variety of amusing things throughout the year. Apart from that, Las Vegas also has a number of tourist attractions that have a big importance in the city's tourism development.

Don't miss the 5 must-visit places mentioned bellow

  1. The Strip should be included in the top destination for anyone who spends holidays in Las Vegas. The Strip is famous as a center of entertainment. Most of the popular resorts, luxurious hotels and restaurants are located in this section. It is a perfect destination to take a nice walk at any hours of the day. The whole area looks spectacular at night thanks to the colorful view illuminated by glittering neon signs. The Strip's overview look really wonderful, but if you focus on some details it will be more and more attractive.
  2. Many people have different ideas about comparing The Strip and Fremont Street Experience. This is because both look really attractive for visitors. The Fremont Street Experience is one of the most visited attractions that visitors should never forget while staying in Las Vegas. The place is really popular and crowded at night because of its excellent sound and bright light shows that excite a number of people. It offers an adventurous nightlife build by colorful display of lights and booming music encouraging the crowd to move.
  3. One of the best places of the Strip, the Mirage is a luxurious hotel-casino with 3,044 splendor rooms. This is a perfect place to enjoy a high-class cocktail and many other beverages while enjoying the beauty of the nightlife. The Mirage is home to various attractions such as the big aquarium, high-rise buildings and beautiful gardens decorated by colorful lights during the night. Surfing the aquarium allows you to discover hundreds of fish in different colors and shapes that roam in the clear water.
  4. If you want to learn more about the history of the organized crime and mob that ruled in Las Vegas, visit the Mob Museum. It also gives the opportunity to experience the city's best artifacts. This a non-profit museum located in downtown Las Vegas that many visitors frequent during their visit to Las Vegas.
  5.  Situated in the Strip section, Paris Hotel has a very important place in Vegas tourism. It is a waterfront spot, mainly includes high-rise buildings designed with incredible architectures, beautiful gardens and the model of Eiffel Tower that gives you the sense of being in Paris of French. The hotel has a great day view and offers a wonderful view at nights.

Traveling to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of luxurious hotels. This makes travel easier if you want to spend your holidays in this exciting city. Most of Las Vegas's best hotels can be booked online on Opodo's website. In addition, you can also find and book the right flight for your trip with Opodo agency.